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IF YOU DON't mind, we'd rather
focus on you

We’d rather partner with you, using our 20+ years’ experience to reimagine your company

into the magnificent, satisfying success story you've always wanted.

Every company owner has a dream … we want to hear yours. Tell us what you want and we’ll team with you to create the team and culture that make it happen. To us, there is nothing more exciting than that.

But wait, you say you want to know something about us, to be sure we know what we’re doing? We’re happy to tell you, and we hope you’ll get in touch so we can hear about you and where you want to go.


As we say on the home page, Ryan learned property management from the ground up at Village Green Properties, a national property management company with over 40,000 doors. Starting as a leasing agent in 2001 he quickly rose and ultimately served as Executive Vice President with over 120 properties, 3 VP’s, 20 Regional Managers, 5 Facilities Directors, and 5 Marketing Directors.

These decades of experience from the ground up gave Ryan a deep understanding of the realities of property management. Ryan founded RPM in early 2023.

Consider just one of Ryan’s achievements, and you’ll see he can give you what you need.


Oversaw successful transition of 122 properties over multiple years in 15 unique markets including major cities in IL, MI, OH, WI, MO, MI, TX, NC, MD, PA, RI, NY, and CT.  Developed a strategy to effectively expedite growth while seamlessly onboarding and training new talent, resulting in historic increases in Revenue and EBITDA.

All this to say that Ryan can help you reimagine your company
so it consistently outperforms.

property management consultation

We find solutions that go beyond the immediate.
Our goal is to drive innovation and significant growth.

Recruitment -
an essential piece

Recruiting the right employees makes for longevity and success. If you don’t have the time or experience to find the right people, your revolving door just keeps turning. Have you seen the stats on the actual cost of losing and replacing employees? According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee can range from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary.

What if you enjoy recruiting? Here's another space where our Executive Coaching can work wonders. You can keep doing what you enjoy, just better.

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Disengaged employees at any level sabotage the entire company. Ryan works to develop results-oriented leaders and instills a “People First” mentality throughout. This creates a culture of passion, accountability, and performance – it’s the very best way to retain your highest-potential employees.

Having risen from entry level to innovate at the top, Ryan knows how to establish a culture that empowers everyone to succeed together. Read all about it on our Culture page or simply contact us to hear it first-hand.


This is not about us, it’s about what we can do for you. Let’s partner to reimagine your company into

the well-run success you’ve dreamt it could be.

Ryan is an exceptional professional who brings invaluable expertise to the field of multifamily operations and management. His keen eye for opportunity, ability to build cohesive teams, and gift for motivating teams make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Matt Guenther  | Senior Vice President Operations, Village Green

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